J-14 Exclusive: Before You Exit Tour Diary #1

This winter, pop brother trio Before You Exit is hitting the road on Action Item’s The Resolution Tour and J-14 is giving you a sneak peak in to the lives of the boys while they keep us up to date in their exclusive tour diaries from the road! Check out the first tour diary below from vocalist Riley McDonough.

On the first of the New Year marked the day that we headed off on the road from Orlando to Boston to start the Resolution Tour! We were headed to Boston but we made a pit stop in Nashville to pick up the bus along the way. After settling in, we were geared up for the tour. It had been a little while since we played a show and after weeks of practicing, we were all excited and nervous for the shows to come.

January 4th. The first day of tour, and the release date of our new single ‘I Like That’! We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and reactions to our new song. This, along with the start of the tour led to a very exciting day in the Before You Exit camp. After getting to the venue, it was really awesome getting to talk to all the bands, some of which we were meeting for the first time. The first show was a lot of figuring out technical issues, but after working through them the show was fantastic. We got to play ‘I Like That’ for the first time, and even though we had just released it earlier that day, some fans already knew all of the words! It was amazing that the show sold out and we got to meet so many fans. It was great being able to see so many new and familiar faces.

New York was the next stop on the agenda and when we woke up, we drove right into the city. New York is always one of my favorite places to be, and it’s even more fun to play there. Although we didn’t get to hang out too much in the city, it was still really awesome to play at a venue that we had never been to before, The Gramercy Theatre. Also, while at the show, we got to meet and hang out with Kevin Jonas. He was such a cool guy and we’ve always been big fans, so all-in-all a great experience. The show was incredible! One of my favorites that we have played and the crowd couldn’t have been more amazing. We really cannot wait to go back.

– Riley


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Better Mornings Atlanta

CBS Atlanta 46

Before You Exit performed on Better Mornings Atlanta today! I also wanted to let you know that I have updated the gallery with a new layout and a bunch of new pictures from performances, photoshoots, covers, etc. The media section of our site has been updated with new icons, blends, and wallpapers! Furthermore, we will have a new layout up soon! Be sure to follow @BYEOnline to keep updated with all the latest news! If you would like to donate any icons, blends, wallpapers feel free to email us at byexitonline@gmail.com. Also, if you attended Resoultion Tour so far you can send us your pictures! Be sure to include your name, city, and date!

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A couple of recent interviews the boys have done! Check them out!

Facebook: Really not sure what I’m watching right now

Really not sure what I’m watching right now -Connor

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POZ Playlist: Before You Exit

Maroon 5 – One More Night
This song is really upbeat and Maroon 5 has always been a favorite band for us. Love Adam Levine’s vocals on this song too.
Skrillex – Bangarang
Its a super catchy and fun song to jam to with everyone. You can just go crazy and wild and we all love the song.
Bruno Mars – Young Girls
Bruno Mars is probably one of the most talented performers out there right now and this song is just a strong example of why this is true. His voice in this song is really incredible and its just as great live.
Love and Theft – Girls Love To Shake It
Love and Theft is an incredibly talented band. It’s also really cool that we wrote one of our new songs with Stephen from the band.
Kelly Clarkson – Catch My Breath
Kelly Clarkson is so talented and her high notes are seamlessly flawless. The meaning behind this song is great too.
Karmin – Brokenhearted
This song is the jam. Definitely one we blast through the speakers and it is mad catchy.
John Mayer – All albums
While all albums is not a song by John Mayer, we really couldn’t pick an individual song because there are so many favorites of ours. He is so skillful on guitar and his vocals just sell it all.
Hunter Hayes – Wanted
Hunter Hayes is such a crazy talented artist and 2012 was really a great year for him. While his whole album is great, we have been playing ‘Wanted’ a lot lately. The lyrics are really great in this song as well. It’s also really cool that we got to meet him recently.
Bridgit Mendler – Ready or Not
This song is an upbeat, catchy, fun little tune.
Ed Sheeran – Lego House
Ed Sheeran’s song Lego House is one that we can’t stop playing. We really love the meaning in this song and the melodies are great.


Merch on The Resolution Tour!

Can’t believe the first show of the Resolution Tour starts tonight in Boston! Here’s a sneak peak at the shirts we’ll be selling on the tour 😀

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