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Before You Exit’s Connor McDonough Plays ‘Would You Rather?’

POP CRUSH – Before You Exit are wrapping up their tour with Christina Grimmie, as they were out on the road in support of their latest EP All The Lights. We had the chance to sit down with Connor McDonough to play a quick game of ‘Would You Rather?’

Find out why Connor prefers drumsticks for hands, and what famous musician he would like to hang with — and read our full interview on Before You Exit’s big 2016.

Would you rather be really late for a show, or mess up onstage?

Mess up onstage, because I wouldn’t want to let anyone down in the crowd by being late. I’d rather let myself down and get over it [laughs]. Hopefully the fans wouldn’t notice it!

Would you rather be in the studio or on tour?
I like both equally honestly, I can’t even pick. When you’re on tour you want to be in the studio and when you’re in the studio, you want to be on tour. They’re both equal for sure.

Massive bank account, or a massive fanbase?
A massive fanbase, no doubt. Sure, money helps support us, but honestly I would rather have a community of people that we can share our music with and communicate with like family.

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or drumsticks for hands?
Oh my gosh [laughs]. Drumsticks for hands, just so I could play the drums all the time.

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed on or a music icon who is currently alive?
Probably Michael Jackson just because he’s a legend and somebody that I feel like will always be known for decades and decades to come. He was someone we got into late but we always listened to the Jackson 5 when we were younger and Michael Jackson as we progressively got older. We didn’t really realize the significance of him until I was a teenager but he would be my number one pick.

Before You Exit’s Connor McDonough Talks ‘All The Lights’ EP, New Music + More

POP CRUSH – Pop-rock act Before You Exit are wrapping up their North American tour in support of their latest release, All the Lights. While in New York City, PopCrush had the chance to talk to Connor McDonough about the new EP as well as what the rest of 2016 has in store for the group. He also expressed his enthusiasm for some famous acts he would love to tour with. Check out PopCrush’s full interview with Connor McDonough of Before You Exit below.

Talk about the new release All The Lights.
All of the new music is something we’ve been waiting to put out for a while, it’s a combination of a bunch of songs we’ve been writing for a long time now. We picked our favorite ones, we had written anywhere from 75 to 100 different songs and it came down to our six favorite and each one has its own significance and different meaning. We’re just so excited it’s out.

What does the title All the Lights mean to you personally?
A lot of different things but I feel like the main meaning of the whole EP in general — the message we wanted to get out there — was in darker times there is light, there’s another side to it. For us that’s the case. For anyone listening to it, I just feel like it’s an important message sometimes, people get stuck and don’t know where to go from there.

How was the overall recording and creative processes for you?
We got to write and produce everything ourselves. We have a home studio at our house and we also worked with one of our buddies in L.A. We got all of it done, but it took a while, because it was homemade in a sense because we were doing it ourselves. There was a lot of perfecting it and making sure everything was right and the way we wanted it to be.

Did you find it more relaxing being able to work from home in your own studio?
Yeah, there’s definitely a difference between working in a big studio versus a house studio. It used to be that all you would do is record in big studios but now because you can do everything from your bedroom – there’s something about being so close, it’s not like we don’t like big studios but it’s definitely a preference to work in a smaller one.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you and the rest of Before You Exit?

Just putting out the music, we’re going to be touring and work on getting around to other places and working on more music. We’re already starting to write for the next one! You can never have enough music.

Do you write on the road or do you leave the writing for when you guys get home?
A little bit, we try to. For example, this day starts at noon and then we go all the way to midnight, so there’s not as much time to write as we’d like to.

What is one musician or band you would love to tour with?
I would love to tour with Maroon 5 or The 1975, any kind of rock-pop acts would be really cool. Of course there are other acts like John Mayer who we’re not anything like but that would be cool, too.
What is one non-electronic item you must have on tour with you?
That is tough, maybe my pillow for a good night’s rest. Tour bus pillows, you don’t know who’s been on the last pillow. [Laughs]

Before You Exit Interview with J-14 Magazine

J-14.COM – While many of us were lounging by our pools Labor Day weekend, the guys from Before You Exit were busy filming the music video for their song “Model” in Miami!

J-14 can vouch the video is going to be a beautiful and energetic one, as we got an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it’s going to look like. But, the guys want to make sure the video stays a surprise for fans until they release it, as they said, very soon!

“We are super excited for the new video,” said the band exclusively to J-14. “We are super pumped to be here shooting the video and we have been anticipating this for a while. We released the song a couple of months ago and now to be shooting the video is just an amazing thing.”

The band also said that the video will capture the essence of the song “Model” and that fans will surely enjoy it!

“We wrote the song about two to three months ago and it’s probably the quickest we’ve ever written a song and we put it out right away,” said Before You Exit. “We have also played it live already, so it’s really cool to see the fans react to it and we are very excited to show the video when it’s ready.”

Disney’s D23 EXPO 2015

I have added photos of Before You Exit attending Disney’s D23 EXPO 2015 on August 14th to the gallery! You can also check out an interview they did with Radio Disney below!

Listen: Before You Exit Stop By DC’s 107.3

BYE talks their new single “Model”, signing to a major label and who their favorite ladies are to follow on Instagram. Enjoy!

MP! Interviews: Riley from Before You Exit chats with us about touring with The Vamps, fans and skydiving with Taylor Swift

ICYMI Boyband trio extraordinaire Before You Exit went on tour with Christina Grimmie and now are ready to join The Vamps! This is exciting!

We caught up with Riley from the band to find out their music icons, what we can expect from their next tour with The Vamps, their fans and a possible skydive session with Taylor Swift, can we join?

Hey guy Riley! How would you describe your music?
We’re a pop band with rock and many other influences that also come into our music. We’ve always been songwriters above anything and we love putting our own experiences into the lyrics and our melodic tendencies definitely stem from a lot of the music that we grew up listening to.

How did the idea of a band come about?
Connor was actually the first one to really get into music and then me and then Toby. It was a pretty natural progression and eventually became all that we ever wanted to do.

Who inspires you musically?
Whether it’s Led Zeppelin or Red Hot Chili peppers or Michael Jackson, we’ve always been inspired from all different artists and genres.

You’re going on tour with The Vamps soon, how excited are you?
We’re super excited to tour with The Vamps and we sense a feeling that this tour will just be one big party. We’ve been good friends with those dudes for a while and we’re super stoked to finally play some shows all around the U.S. with them.

Will you be pranking them on tour?
That shouldn’t even be a question 🙂

What’s one moment in the band you will never forget?
Last year we were able to a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I don’t think we could ever forget it. Growing up as kids we would watch the parade every year and dream of being able to ride through New York streets on one of those floats. To be able to say that we did is insane.

What is one goal you have for the band?
To make a difference.

How would you describe your fans?
Our fans are the biggest supporters of this band and we don’t know where we’d be without em.

You guys are from Orlando, what’s the best thing about living there?
Orlando is a great escape from the craziness sometimes and it just feels like home.

What can we expect from you guys this year?
Music. Music. Music. Tour. Tour. Tour.

Will you be coming back to the UK anytime soon?
We’d love to. We were actually just there for the first time in February and we’re already anxious to go back.

Sky dive with Taylor Swift or scuba dive with Sam Smith?
Skydive with Taylor Swift because why not?

iTunes or Spotify?

Beach day or theme park?
We love both, but would have to say theme park.

All you can eat buffet or extravagant 3 course meal?
All you can eat buffet because the more food the better.

Forget the lyrics to your own song on stage or have word vomit in front of your idols?
Forget the lyrics to your own song because we’ve all accidently done that already haha.

Thanks Riley!


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Interview

The Average Table Interview with BYE

Before You Exit is currently on the Paradise Tour with Cody Simpson and Ryan Beatty. The Orlando-based band made up of brothers, Toby, Connor and Riley McDonough, sat down with AVG Girl Lindsey before their show at The State Theatre in New Jersey to talk all things music and what their fans (or Exiters, as they told us) mean to them!

You’re brothers, so did you always know you wanted to be in a band together?
Connor: We started playing music a long, long time ago. I started playing music when I was around three years old when I got my first keyboard. Our dad kinda got us started in music and over time, all of us started performing. From there, we started the band. We’ve always been doing shows and writing songs together.

How are you enjoying tour so far?
Connor: It’s been awesome so far.
Riley: Tour has been really an incredible experience for us, mainly because, obviously, all the fans and the fact that Cody and Ryan are similar ages to us and we’re usually touring with people who are so much older than us. So, this tour’s been really cool. It’s been like a long summer camp almost.

How did you land a tour with Cody Simpson?
Connor: Actually, our manager knew his manager. And we’ve known him and Ryan from YouTube. It’s pretty awesome. When they asked us to do it, we were super excited.

Do you have a favorite song to perform on tour?
Connor: Probably “I Like That,” which is the current single.
Riley: It’s the most energetic.
Toby: Like, people jump on the acoustic set—that’s the coolest part. “Soldier” too, because they put their phones up.

We saw you guys got to hang out with 5 Seconds Of Summer in Canada, super jealous by the way, how did that happen?
Connor: We heard that they were going to be on the One Direction tour and I was checking them out, seeing who it was and I realized they all followed us on Twitter. So, I hit up one of them—Michael—and we became friends and started DMing and before we knew it, we were at lunch with them, hanging out.

Can we maybe expect a Before You Exit and 5SOS tour in the future?
Connor: Maybe! Who knows, it’s top secret!

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