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MP! Interviews: Riley from Before You Exit chats with us about touring with The Vamps, fans and skydiving with Taylor Swift

ICYMI Boyband trio extraordinaire Before You Exit went on tour with Christina Grimmie and now are ready to join The Vamps! This is exciting!

We caught up with Riley from the band to find out their music icons, what we can expect from their next tour with The Vamps, their fans and a possible skydive session with Taylor Swift, can we join?

Hey guy Riley! How would you describe your music?
We’re a pop band with rock and many other influences that also come into our music. We’ve always been songwriters above anything and we love putting our own experiences into the lyrics and our melodic tendencies definitely stem from a lot of the music that we grew up listening to.

How did the idea of a band come about?
Connor was actually the first one to really get into music and then me and then Toby. It was a pretty natural progression and eventually became all that we ever wanted to do.

Who inspires you musically?
Whether it’s Led Zeppelin or Red Hot Chili peppers or Michael Jackson, we’ve always been inspired from all different artists and genres.

You’re going on tour with The Vamps soon, how excited are you?
We’re super excited to tour with The Vamps and we sense a feeling that this tour will just be one big party. We’ve been good friends with those dudes for a while and we’re super stoked to finally play some shows all around the U.S. with them.

Will you be pranking them on tour?
That shouldn’t even be a question 🙂

What’s one moment in the band you will never forget?
Last year we were able to a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I don’t think we could ever forget it. Growing up as kids we would watch the parade every year and dream of being able to ride through New York streets on one of those floats. To be able to say that we did is insane.

What is one goal you have for the band?
To make a difference.

How would you describe your fans?
Our fans are the biggest supporters of this band and we don’t know where we’d be without em.

You guys are from Orlando, what’s the best thing about living there?
Orlando is a great escape from the craziness sometimes and it just feels like home.

What can we expect from you guys this year?
Music. Music. Music. Tour. Tour. Tour.

Will you be coming back to the UK anytime soon?
We’d love to. We were actually just there for the first time in February and we’re already anxious to go back.

Sky dive with Taylor Swift or scuba dive with Sam Smith?
Skydive with Taylor Swift because why not?

iTunes or Spotify?

Beach day or theme park?
We love both, but would have to say theme park.

All you can eat buffet or extravagant 3 course meal?
All you can eat buffet because the more food the better.

Forget the lyrics to your own song on stage or have word vomit in front of your idols?
Forget the lyrics to your own song because we’ve all accidently done that already haha.

Thanks Riley!


The Buzz On: Before You Exit

Hey, Before You Exit? Not To Be All Creepy, But We’re Becoming Seriously Obsessed With You

We know you’re still mourning the Jonas Brothers breakup and, honestly, SO ARE WE. But you know what’s one good way to cope? Aside from consistently staring at the adorable photo of oldest JoBro Kevin’s new baby Alena Rose?! Getting to know another obsession-worthy band of brothers, Before You Exit!

The Orlando, Florida-based bros — Riley, Connor and Toby — are primed for pop takeover. And nope — it’s not just cause they’re budding heartthrobs, or because they each have great hair. Nay, these dudes can sing. And in brotherly-curated, share-the-same-DNA-inspired harmonies, to boot.

Take their new single, “I Like That,” from their EP of the same name. We’re getting early Jonas vibes (“Burnin’ Up” nostalgia, anyone?), mixed with the soaring sugary pop of Up All Night era One Direction (hence that “What Makes You Beautiful” cover that’s been streamed over 8 million times) meets like, Austin Mahone‘s bouncy “Say You’re Just A Friend.”

And while we’ve been on their trail (again, not to sound creepy, because SERIOUSLY we’re trying our hardest not to move into clinger territory) ever since they toured with Allstar Weekend and All Time Low, released “End Of The World” and toured with Olly Murs and Cody Simpson. But, as Stevie Nicks so deftly declared, “I’m getting older too,” and so are the boys (Toby’s 16, Riley’s 18 and Connor’s a 20-year-old piece of legal man meat) and our boy crush is kinda turning into a man crush.

Don’t believe us? Check out their “I Like That” video, and catch them on their “The Dangerous Tour.” (We’re specifically interested in seeing what kind of danger they’re capable of getting us into.)

-Source: Buzzworthy MTV

The Boys in Before You Exit are Making Their Debut on NML July 8!

Get ready to scream because the cuties in Before You Exit are dropping by New.Music.Live. on July 8. Connor, Riley, Toby, Braiden, and Thomas will all be here to tell us about their new music and their tour with the one and only Cody Simpson! We can’t get enough of their infectious pop music so we’re pumped to have them on the show. And we definitely know all you Canadian fans out their are just as excited as we are.

Grab you tickets to see Before You Exit on NML. Tickets are absolutely free so check out all the deets on how to score some here.

Behind the Scenes of Before You Exit’s “I Like That” Video!

You’ve probably already seen the video for Before You Exit‘s catchy tune “I Like That,” but Teen has your exclusive behind the scenes look at the shoot! That’s right, you can see what it was like for BYE — Connor, Riley, and Toby McDonough — to film the video at the Santa Monica Pier.

Not only do we get to see what they did with their downtime on set, but we get introduced to a number of people who made the video happen, such as the director and their stylist! Oh, and let’s not forget about Disney star Stefanie Scott who appears in the video, too!

Watch the video for yourself above, and tell us what you think about their behind the scenes fun in the comments section!


ARTICLE: Rising trio Before You Exit finally entering Manila

The long wait for their fans is over.

The group hailed as the next Jonas Brothers is coming to Manila for a caravan concert also featuring other upcoming international acts.

Before You Exit, composed of 19-year old Connor McDonough (lead guitar/vocals) and younger brothers Riley (bass/vocals) and Toby (keyboard/vocals), will perform live on Saturday, May 25 at the “Circuit Fest 2013 Music and Skate” at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds, Makati.

Getting attention

The Orlando-based pop rock act’s fan base has widened, thanks to its originals and covers, including its take on of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” which earned more than seven million views since being posted last year.

The band’s single, “I Like That,” has reached the top spot of Manila’s local FM station RX 93.1 while its music video deeply penetrated MYX’s Top 20 international countdown.

In a one-on-one chat with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!, Connor showed how thrilled he is over performing live in the Philippines.

“We’re really excited to come over there and meet everyone,” he said.

Third EP

The band’s latest EP with the same title as its biggest hit yet, is released in the Philippines by Astroplus and Astrovision.

Connor describes the kind of synergy that has been attracting fans especially on the Net.

“We all have our thing and work in categories by preference. I write vocal melodies while Riley writes lyrics, and then Toby helps with both. There are never fights because each of us can do our own thing and also contribute to each other.”

The group has released an EP twice — the first in 2009 via “A Short Story” and then in 2011 with “Letting Go.”

Best of friends

Connor is proud of the band’s brotherly bond and how it enhances their music.

“We’ve always been the best of friends and together we come up with melodies that stick and fit.”

Before You Exit’s official Facebook page reports that the band has around 40,000 Filipino fans. Small wonder its local fan club is called “Republic of Philippine Exiters” or R.O.P.E for short.

The singer-guitarist is happy to note that the band’s Filipino followers are helping broaden the group’s fan base even more.

The “percentage is so high over there,” he is happy to note.

The group, which covered a couple of Justin Bieber songs (the band’s version has a million and a half views on You Tube), promises to do some of its originals and “lots of covers, too.”


Check Out Before You Exit’s Photos From Olly Murs’ ‘Right Place Right Time’ Tour!

Orlando pop-rockers Before You Exit are not only taking over the world with their recent EP I Like That (we do too), but they’re currently on tour with adorbs “X Factor U.K.” finalist Olly Murs! And while tagging along on Olly’s “Right Place Right Time” tour, the boys did exactly what any wide-eyed new tourmates would do: They took pictures of their entire U.S. journey! Oh, and while we’re sure there were tons of fangirls losing their minds over Before You Exit (just like in Olly Murs’ tour diary), the boys neglected to include any crying close-ups in their tour photo album. Talented and modest?! PUH-LEEEZ.

The “Best Thing” singers took plenty of scenic shots as they traveled through cities such as Philadelphia, New York, and Toronto (where the boys received a Canadian flag from their north-of-the-border fans). And don’t worry if you’re thinking “I MISSED THEM? HOW COULD I BE SO FOOLISH?!?!?” The boys will be on tour all summer! But until then, you can get an up-close look at what life on the road is like for Before You Exit (including, but not limited to sold-out shows, adorable selfies, grabbing some Starbucks — you know, the usual rock star fare). Check out Before You Exit’s full tour photo gallery below!



Feeling hopeless? Has your cell phone been eerily silent? Are you still waiting for the Love of your Life to show up at your door on a big white horse, à la Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, to save you from your vanilla lifestyle? (Though you know this won’t happen because Love Like That hasn’t existed since the ‘90s.)

Wait no further. Before You Exit has entered the building.

The McDonough Brothers, Connor (19) on vocals, Riley (17) on guitar, and newest member Toby (15) on just about everything, want to give a new message to the music world: “Make a difference, Before You Exit” And boy, are they leading by example. The wisdom of their lyrics, the lightness of their harmonies, and the bright youth in their voices convey a new sense of Romance that our technological generation desperately needs. Their music has the power to inspire people to be themselves, as the band boldly states in their hit, I Like That, “You’ve got glasses on? I like that! … No makeup on? I like that!”

Connor McDonough says of Before You Exit’s music, “We want to send a positive message. We do it for the music and to make a difference in people’s lives, to be a good example.” The band is one of the youngest to be on the world-stage, yet they give healthier advice than artists who have seen it all: “Can’t find a mirror to see what I see in you/But I will follow you until you see it, too…I’ll be there when you don’t know what you should do/If your heart breaks, I’ll be there to fix it too.” How do they know all the right things to say to a girl? Connor relates, “Most of it is inspired from real life, or we’ll write songs that come from situations that we are thinking other people have been in. A lot of it is from personal experience.”

Their song, Three Days, in which Riley had three “perfect” days with a girl before she ends the relationship with him, laments America’s modern day dating habits, in which romance is thwarted by social media and fear of intimacy: “I was the one for a minute, two for a second/Three days later you told me to forget it…Thought it was love, we were in it, you said it was over.” Although the song acknowledges that finding love in this age can be difficult, “You just don’t know so you gotta go along for the ride.” Three Days encompasses one of Before You Exit’s strongest beliefs. In the words of Connor McDonough, “No matter what happens, keep pushing forward. Don’t give up, because if you do, you won’t get anywhere.”

Before You Exit is now on tour with Olly Murs, and has just announced that they will begin their summer tour in the United States and Canada at the end of May with Cody Simpson. Visit their website at to see videos, check out concert dates, and read more about the band.

To make a difference with Before You Exit, join them also at the Pier Pressure Hurricane Relief Concert on Sunday, May 19, 2013 at Seaside Heights, NJ. For tickets:



So since those boys back in the day who graced your glossy pages of Tiger Beat and J-14 that you hung on your walls or taped to your lockers and your trapper keepers are now dads, there are some new tricks in town. Justin Bieber and One Direction are about to be joined by a trio of young men who are going to be seen a lot more in 2013. Before You Exit is an Orlando rock/pop trio made up of brothers Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, and Toby McDonough, (as well as drummer Thomas Silvers and guitarist Braiden Wood). The guys released a new EP titled I Like That on February 4. Something that is unique and interesting to this boy group is that they have been compared to superstar bands Oasis and The Black Crowes, which you don’t hear every day for boy bands. The brothers work together well and complement each other as artists…and as family. In an interview, Connor said: “We actually get along really well. We all have our thing and work in categories by preference. I write vocal melodies, Riley writes lyrics, and Toby helps with both. There are never fights because each of us can do our own thing, but contribute to each other.” Whether BYE’s songs have either had their start with the brothers in their bedrooms or writing with co-writers in L.A., their music is catchy, bold, and bright. Some full-bodied, upbeat spring and summer tunes are on their way if these guys have anything to do with it!


J-14 Exclusive: Before You Exit Tour Diary #3

This winter, pop brother trio Before You Exit is hitting the road on Action Item’s The Resolution Tour and J-14 is giving you a sneak peak in to the lives of the boys while they keep us up to date in their exclusive tour diaries from the road! Check out the third tour diary below from the youngest brother, Toby McDonough.

So far on this tour we’ve had so much fun. Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas were all some great shows. My favorite memories start from playing football in the parking lot of Austin Texas at Stubbs Barbecue with all of the other bands to making a full band run to Starbucks in Houston, Texas. Meeting everyone at the shows has also been a huge highlight of tour!

Traveling on the bus with everyone from venue to venue definitely brings up some funny stories. We have so much fun on the bus like starting from dance parties in the back of the bus to throwing the football through the bus with each other. One time while tossing the football, someone decided to kick the football and it flew straight into Connor’s bunk and hit the milk he was drinking right out of his hands and directly into his face. We were all cracking up and laughed for at least thirty minutes. There are so many tour stories to share and those are just a few of my favorite from this tour. Hope to see some of you out at the shows!



Exclusive: Hear BYE’s New Single, ‘A Little More You’!

Are you ready for a brand-new Before You Exit tune? Teen is exclusively premiering their latest track “A Little More You,” and this is definitely a song you’ll be putting on repeat.
The pop trio, made up of brothers Connor McDonough, Riley McDonough, and Toby McDonough, is releasing a new EP titled I Like That on February 4, and this is the second single. Check out some of the lyrics from “A Little More You” then take a listen to the single below!


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