Before You Exit Interview with J-14 Magazine

J-14.COM – While many of us were lounging by our pools Labor Day weekend, the guys from Before You Exit were busy filming the music video for their song “Model” in Miami!

J-14 can vouch the video is going to be a beautiful and energetic one, as we got an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it’s going to look like. But, the guys want to make sure the video stays a surprise for fans until they release it, as they said, very soon!

“We are super excited for the new video,” said the band exclusively to J-14. “We are super pumped to be here shooting the video and we have been anticipating this for a while. We released the song a couple of months ago and now to be shooting the video is just an amazing thing.”

The band also said that the video will capture the essence of the song “Model” and that fans will surely enjoy it!

“We wrote the song about two to three months ago and it’s probably the quickest we’ve ever written a song and we put it out right away,” said Before You Exit. “We have also played it live already, so it’s really cool to see the fans react to it and we are very excited to show the video when it’s ready.”

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