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If we had to create a running tally of all things enviable about Orlando pop-rock band Before You Exit — you know you’ve had their bouncy, shimmery, sugar rush single “End Of The World” tattooed on your brain since January — we’d be here all day. And you really just wanna watch their “Buzzworthy Live” videos, so let’s keep it brief.

1.) They toured with Allstar Weekend. Like, breathing the same AIR.
2.) They’re bros with All Time Low. If I weren’t already daydreaming about Alex, I’d be seething with misdirected jealous anger.
5.) ARE THEY NOT THE NEXT HANSON, AND I MEAN THAT IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY, NO SHADE? (Minus the trio-of-brothers sticking point.)
6.) They’ve got their debut LP coming out this summer. Just in time for you to not have to be in school all day so you can devote all of your waking hours to listening it.

So, not to even pretend like this is a humble brag, because we’re straight-up ACTUALLY BRAGGING, we’ve got two exclusive “Buzzworthy Live” performances from Before You Exit, shot live at MTV. First up is “Best Thing,” followed by “Brick Wall.” And that’s in addition to the “End Of The World” acoustic
performance they shot for us back in January. See? We’re completely and shamelessly bragging. U mad?


The Best Thing

End of the World

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